Named as Improver and Elite Stallion
(only 11 horses on this list)

Canon Fresh Semen (only Spain):
1.250€ + 100€ extraction.

His walk is very good; the trot, elastic, expressive and forward, within the breed standards, also fantastic. And the canter is exceptional.

JINETE IX, Spanish Champion ANCCE Cup in SICAB 2013 at the 7-year-old level (Clasica 1 and 2) and at the age of 15 he is the father of horses as PERDIDO CAD, Spanish Champion ANCCE Cup at SICAB 2016, in the level for 5-year-old horses.

As you can read on the website of the Genealogical Book, “stallions of 7 years old or older, with outstanding genetic qualities over the rest of the breed, who have obtained the category of Improver Stallion in the discipline in question and that exceed the requirements established annually by the association to enter this category”. In summary, those stallions that improve the PRE breed, this being demonstrated with their results, as well as the results of their descendants.

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Our horses are the result of the objectives we pursue as breeders: to breed strong, noble, beautiful and functional Spanish horses in freedom, as well as mentally balanced. Thanks to our careful breeding program, in which we select the most suitable mares for each stallion, all of our P.R.E. have three excellent gaits and unbeatable temperament, which makes them suitable for all kind of rider, from amateurs, to young or professional riders who want to compete at any level, due to their rideability. All this, of course, always keeping the beauty of the Purebred Spanish Horse.

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