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We select our mares for their temperament, beauty and functionality. All of our breeding mares have been selected for sportive purposes, focusing on their great qualities for dressage and their good character. To make sure we make the best possible selection, the mares are checked and controlled from their birth, and once they turn 3 years old they are unbroken and ridden, a process thanks to which some of them become part of our competition team, before they finally become breeding mares.

We have sale of PRE mares bred in freedom, mentally balanced and perfect for riding.

With our careful breeding program, we try to select mares that apart from maintaining the beauty of the Purebred Spanish Horse, have three good gaits and an unbeatable temperament, features that, transmitted to their offspring, leads to beautiful and functional horses born every year for competition and for sale.

Currently we have the sale of PRE mares and the sale of fillies descendants of those with which our stud began, by their origins Marín García (x OFFICIAL XXIX), Miura (x PANADERO VII, VIII), and Escalera (x TORERO XI): NAVARIDAS, JUMILLA X, LÍNEA CAD, KIMBA XIII… Also , we have more and more breeding mares with excellent qualities already born in the stud: CORSARIA CAD, MACARENA CAD, TRAVIATA CAD …