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SICAB 2023. We end the season in a blast

In Sicab, Seville, Yeguada Mendoza Cadema triumphs: Olvido CAD and Oliva CAD World Champions, Gaucho CAD silver in Grand Prix, and Second Best Stud

Like every year, our competition season ends in Seville, during the Sicab celebration.

It has been the year that we have attended this final with the most classified horses, 6 in total, and the results obtained by all of them could not have been better.

Two sons of our elite stallion Jinete IX participated in the test for 4-year-old horses: Olvido CAD and Verdi CAD, ridden by Raúl Arcos and Marta Martínez respectively. Olvido CAD was proclaimed World Champion, winning both tests, the preliminary with an average of 81.400% and the final with 78.800% and grades above 8.0 in Submission, Trot and Future Expectations. Verdi CAD achieved a seventh final position.

Oliva CAD participated as the only mare in her 6-year-old test and won it, also becoming World Champion. On the second day, after a fourth place in the preliminary test, she performed the best test of her level, winning with 77.800%.

In 7 years, Olé CAD managed to qualify in fourth place, less than one point behind the medals, with a final average of 70.061%.

One of our horses participated in the Grand Prix for the first time. Gaucho CAD, ridden by Antonio José Vázquez Quintero, performed their best tests this season, highlighting their recently released Kür, with which they were classified in third place with an average of 72.055%. Finally, they won the silver medal in the general classification, behind only Malagueño LXXXIII, ridden by Daniel Martín Dockx.

Marta Martínez also presented Valen Mimbre for the first time in a morphological competition, in the 9th section, achieving a score of 79.750.

Finally, as the last award, Yeguada Mendoza Cadema was Second Best Stud in the Dressage category, only behind Yeguada Arroyomonte, which presented two more horses.

We want to thank Git Doc S.L. the support for one more season. We are already preparing with great enthusiasm the next 2024 season.

Olvido photocall