The last few months have been times of change in our stud. Some important media such as Lily Forado and Eurodressage have wanted to publish some lines about them:


Lily Forado

From her website, she was in charge of informing who is the new rider of our two oldest competition horses, Perdido CAD and Gaucho CAD. In September, José Daniel Martín Dockx received both horses at his facilities in Malaga, and since then they have been working with the goal of making their Grand Prix debut next season.


Eurodressage makes a small reminder of the best results got by Perdido CAD (ANCCE Cup Champion 5 years old in 2016, first international show in Segovia in 2017), Gaucho CAD (third in Prix St. George level), and Corsaria CAD (bronze in 4 years old SICAB 2020).

After these good results obtained in the ANCCE circuit and with the commitment to this new rider, the stud is now stepping out of the box and entering the elite dressage sport world.

In addition, a few weeks ago Dani was training both horses under the supervision of the German trainer Ton de Ridder, emphasizing the details to be polished in the more difficult exercises, and ending with a very positive feedback that makes us look forward to the season 2022.