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Last CDNs before SICAB 2023

Our PRE horses and riders excelled in October's competitions, securing Copa ANCCE victories and earning high scores in notable equestrian events.

During the weekend of October 14th and 15th, our PRE horses and riders were competing in some of the last CDNs held prior to SICAB.

In La Herradura, Palma del Río (Córdoba), Verdi CAD ridden by Marta Martínez, achieved first position both days in the tests for 4-year-old horses. He won the ANCCE Cup at this level with his highest averages this season, achieving 82.600% in the Preliminary test (9.0 in canter, and 8.5 in walk and future expectations) and 80.000% in the Final test (8.5 in walk and 8.0 in canter and future expectations). In the same test, Marcha CAD ridden by Raúl Arcos, achieved second position in the Preliminary test with 78.000% (8.0 in canter and future expectations) and third position in the Final with 77.000% and several grades of 7.8.

At the 6-year-old level, Oliva CAD with Raúl Arcos was in second position both days with 73,400% and 76,200% respectively.

In 7-year-old tests, Yeguada Mendoza Cadema also won the ANCCE Cup medal thanks to Olé CAD ridden by Raúl Arcos, achieving an average of 73.786% the first day, with a technical average of 68.571% and 79.000% in gaits (8.5 in submission and 8.2 in future expectations) and surpassed themselves in the Final test with a total average of 74.714%, with the technical average being 69.429% and the gaits average being 80.000% (8.5 in future expectations and 8.0 in step and submission).

In the Grand Prix category, Gaucho CAD ridden by Antonio José Vázquez qualified in second position both days with averages of 66.630% in Grand Prix and 69.362% in Grand Prix Special, thus also winning the ANCCE Cup at this level.

Finally, in the CDN** Las Cadenas (Madrid), Corsaria CAD and María Gómez achieved second place in the 7-year-old Preliminary test with a score of 72.565%, with a technical mark of 68.929% and 76.200% in gaits (8.0 for the canter) and the first position in the Final test with 71.643%, with the technical score being 68.286% and the gaits score being 75.000%.

Tejero CAD also participated in this show, with its rider Jimena Salcedo, who achieved two second places with marks above 70.000% (70.050% and 70.797%).

Two days later, on October 17th, a new show took place at La Herradura again. Verdi CAD, with Marta Martínez, won the Preliminary test again with a score of 79.600%, with scores of 8.5 for the walk and 8.0 for the canter, winning the ANCCE Cup. Macha CAD and Raúl Arcos achieved 4th place in this same test. In the 6-year test, Oliva CAD achieved second position in both tests, Preliminary with 74.600% and Final with 74,800%.


ultimos CDNs antes del sicab 2023