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July 28th and 29th CDN2* Dolores

PRE horses triumph at CDN2* Dolores. Marta Martínez and Raúl Arcos win ANCCE Cup. Upcoming: Young Horse Selection Tests in Náquera, Valencia, August 24-25.

The last weekend of July we went with several PRE horses to compete in the CDN2* held in Dolores (Murcia).

In the tests for 4-year-old horses, our rider Marta Martínez riding Verdi CAD (x Jinete XI) won both days with averages of 76,400% in the Preliminary test and 74,600% in the Final test, highlighting notes of 7.8 in trot and 7.7 in canter and in future expectations. With these results, they also won the ANCCE Cup and are placed 10th in the ANCCE ranking. In this same category, Raúl Arcos riding Marcha CAD (x Quito IV) got two third places.

In the tests for 6-year-old horses, Raúl Arcos presented Oliva CAD (x Doblón-TR) achieving the first position both days, with an average of 76,000% in the Final, with notes of 7.8 in trot and 7.7 in walk and future expectations, and also being the winner of the ANCCE Cup. With this note, they are now in the 4th position in the ANCCE ranking.

Lastly, Raúl also competed with Olé CAD (x Maestro XXII) in the 7-year-old horse tests, finishing in second position both days, with a total mark of 69.589% in the Preliminary test, and also winning the ANCCE Cup in this dressage show.

Our next destination will be Náquera (Valencia), where we will participate in the Young Horse Selection Tests (PSCJ) on August 24th and 25th.