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First International Place for Olvido Cad, this time In Madrid

Olvido CAD and Oliva CAD took part in the CDI. Olé CAD and Bucanero CAD in the CDN**. They all performed good tests and achieved outstanding results, ridden by Raúl Arcos.

From May 10th to 12th, one of the CDIs of the season took place at Hípica Las Cadenas (Camarma de Esteruelas, Madrid).

Our rider Raúl Arcos stood out in this competition, achieving several first places and very good scores with all the horses.

In the 5-year-old test, our P.R.E. stallion Olvido CAD (x Jinete IX) caught the attention, finishing in 4th position the first day, in a test with 21 participating horses, and scores of 7.8 for the canter, and managing to win the final test with an average of 78.600%, with marks of 8.0 for the canter and future expectations, and 8.1 in trot, thus winning the ANCCE Cup.

In 7-year-old test, Oliva CAD (x Doblón TR), achieved a great second position in a 12-horse test, with an average of 75.600% for the gaits, and a technical average of 68.000%, making a total of 71.300%, thus achieving his first valid mark for the World Championship for Young Horses.

At the same time, a CDN** was held, in which we also participated with two horses. On the one hand, Olé CAD (x Maestro XXII), participated in his first tests at Saint George / Intermediate I level, with a total of 12 participating binomials, performing two very correct and harmonious tests, for which the marks were 67.010% the first day (3rd) and 67,500% the second (2nd).

Lastly, Bucanero CAD (x Doblón TR) debuted in competition, in the tests for 7-year-old horses, coming in first position both days, and winning the ANCCE Cup, with averages of 69.132% in the preliminary test and 70.200% in the final test.

The next stop will be in Barcelona, where the Spanish Absolute Championship will be held at the same time as the Master for Young Horses.

We thank Git Doc S.L. all the support throughout the competition season.

Olvido CAD