After the Finals of the World Championship at SICAB last week, from November 16th to 21st, we conclude the 2021 competition season. This year, SICAB celebrated its 30th anniversary, an edition full of celebrations and events that luckily could perform under normal conditions, without audience restrictions as happened in the previous edition. Throughout the week, the finals of the World Championship of Spanish Horses of different disciplines took place: Dressage, Working Equitation, Spanish High School, Show Jumping, Carriage Driving, Morphology and Functionality, Side Saddle, etc. SICAB, as shown on its website, closes its doors with an increase of 3% in visitors compared to 2019, 1,084 horses from 354 studs, 321 commercial stands and more than 260 accredited journalists reporting to more than 70 countries.

Yeguada Mendoza Cadema participated on the Dressage Final for PRE horses with two ypung horses at two different levels. On the one hand, Captain CAD together with Raúl Arcos in the 4-years-old level, obtained a score of 74,000% in the Final test, highlighting an 8.3 for his walk, being the highest score of all the participating pairs and a 9th place in the accumulated total.

In the tests for 5-years-old horses, Corsaria CAD ridden by María Gómez performed correct and elegant tests, obtaining one of the highest marks for the canter part in the Final test, awarded with a 7.9. She also ranked 9th overall. It is worth highlighting an edition with a very high level, with horses with top gaits at all levels obtaining marks above 80%, which shows the good evolution of Spanish Purebred breeding in recent years, getting more and more sport horses.

With this we put an end to a season full of changes with many objectives met and with many new objectives for the next season, but above all enjoying our horses that have shown a great level throughout the year.

We thank the entire team that makes this adventure possible: breeder, riders, grooms, vet, farrier, physio, etc. To all the colleagues and friends that have accompanied and supported us throughout the season, and of course, to our main sponsor for another year: Git Doc S.L.