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Final for young horse selection tests 2023

PSCJ dressage final at Dos Lunas Polo Dressage, with wide representation of Yeguada Mendoza Cadema and good results.

Between September 14th and 15th, the Final for Young Horse Selection Tests (PSCJ) of Dressage, organized by ANCCE, was held at Dos Lunas Polo Dressage in San Martín del Tesorillo (Cádiz), and was broadcast live on the official ANCCE competition website and on ClipMyHorse.

This year, the jury was made up of several national and international judges, including:

  • Francis Verveek (Netherlands)
  • Elke Ebert (Germany)
  • Mariano Santos (Spain)

A total of 84 PRE horses competed in the 4, 5, 6 and 7 year old levels of this Final.

ANCCE, for its part, offered two conferences given by Pedro J. Azor, deputy director of the PRE Stud Book (LG PRE ANCCE), in addition to a cocktail for breeders and riders.

With this Final the season of the Young Horse Cycles ends with a great participation, the largest to date. The participating PRE horses will also be genetically evaluated and will be eligible for the genetic category of Recommended Young Breeder. Those who obtain this category will be published in the corresponding catalog of breeders and in the PRE Stud Book for dissemination within the framework of the Breeding Improvement Program.

Yeguada Mendoza Cadema was the PRE stud with the largest number of participating horses, a total of six, achieving very good and promising results.

In the 4-year-old category, Olvido CAD (x Jinete IX) ridden by Raúl Arcos, managed to qualify in second overall position in the most attended level with 32 participants. Additionally, he won the Final test with an average of 85,000%, with grades of 9.0 for the Canter and Future Expectations and 8.8 in Submission. In this same test, Marcha CAD (x Quito IV) with the same rider got a 7th position with an average of 76,000%, and in the Preliminary of this level, Verdi CAD (x Jinete IX) ridden by Marta Martínez was our PRE horse best classified with 79,600% and three of the grades above 8.0.

In the tests for 6-year-old horses, Oliva CAD (x Doblón TR) ridden by Raúl Arcos achieved an average of 78,200% in the Final.

Finally, in the most advanced level test, for 7-year-old horses, Raúl Arcos riding Olé CAD was proclaimed ANCCE Cup Champion, also achieving the first position in the Preliminary test with 75,022% (69,643% for the technical part and 80,400% for the gaits). In that same test, Corsaria CAD (x Maestro XXII) ridden by María Gómez achieved a final average of 72,082%.

We want to thank Git Doc as a sponsor for all the support in this very important show in the competition calendar.


Tejero CAD en el Campeonato de Espan?a de Menores (10)