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From October 8th to 14th we traveled to Murcia with several PRE horses to take part in several competitions: two dressage competitions, first one at Yeguada Peña de Béjar and second one, as well as the conformation competition, at Fericab – Lorca.

At the first show (Yeguada Peña de Béjar) we got the second place in the Preliminary test for 6-year-old horses with Corsaria CAD and María Gómez, with an average of 76.400% and 7.8 in canter, being first in the Final test for 6-year-old horses with a score of 76.000%. In the tests for 5-year-old horses, Raúl Arcos rode Oliva CAD and Mástil CAD, being second with this PRE stallion in the Final test (73.600%), highlighting his 7.8 in walk both days.

For the second show we moved to Fericab, in Lorca. There Corsaria CAD won the Preliminary test for 6-year-old horses again (74.400%) and she was also ANCCE Cup Champion. Mástil CAD also repeated a second place in the Final test for 5-year-old horses (75,000%), once again highlighting his scores for walk both days.

To end the week, we presented one of our horses for the first time to the Conformation Competition with a great result. Marta Martínez presented Valen Mimbre in Section 9 for 5 and 6 year old mares. In addition to a final fourth place, they obtained the Best Movements Prize of the test (21,250).