Corsaria cad included in the young recommended breeding horses catalog 2022

corsaria cad incluida en el catálogo de jóvenes reproductores recomendados 2022

ANCCE has made public on its website the list of the 62 PRE horses that will be added to the next Young Recommended Breeding Horses Catalog 2022. Among them we find Corsaria CAD, as one of the only 4 mares included in this list:

“As part of the dissemination activities of the improvements carried out by ANCCE, there is the publication of the horses that each year achieve one of the genetic categories established in the breeding improvement program.

With this news, the horses that have achieved the genetic category of Young Recommended Breeding Horses (JRR) are published, and in the coming weeks and in a staggered manner, the lists of Improved Breeders and Elite Breeding Horses will be published. All of them are published in the corresponding Breeders Catalog 2022.

The JRR in the testing phase must be tested mainly through their offspring, so ANCCE will continue to promote the use of these horses as breeders and thus confirm whether the genetic qualities they present are transmitted to their offspring.

At ANCCE we would like to congratulate all the breeders with Young Recommended Breeding Horses (JRR), and we encourage them to continue participating in 2023 in the performance controls and in the Young Horse Selection Tests, which allow the genetically evaluated horses and increase its reliability. We hope that everyone’s efforts will result in the achievement of better PRE horses.”

List of the JRR 2022:

catálogo de jóvenes reproductores recomendados 2022