CAPITÁN CAD and CORSARIA CAD achieve their highest results this season in Los Albardones.

On June 25th and 26th we went back to the super facilities of Los Albardones, in Cádiz. This time with 3 horses: Capitan and Corsaria (Carmen Montes) and Olé (Raúl Arcos).

CAPITAN CAD keepss showing how calm and focused on work he is, both at home and in competition, despite being a stallion, he has an incredible mind that makes him very regular in his tests. He obtained his best result so far in the 4-years-old test, 78.600%, with marks of 8.0 in canter and 8.1 in walk, also being first of the ANCCE Cup and placing third out of 83 horses in the ranking for SICAB.

In the 5-years-old tests CORSARIA CAD was unbeatable. He won both days with a score of 78,000% in the Final, once again highlighting the submission with a mark of 8.0. He also won the ANCCE Cup at this level and placing first in the ranking for SICAB, in this case out of 76 horses.

Finally, also in the test for 5-years-old horsee, OLE CAD made his debut, a horse with bright future, who obtained the third place on the first day and very good points for the canter part.