Stud founded by D. Nicolás Mendoza Funez, with the purpose of breeding Purebred Spanish Horses, located in Chiclana de Segura (JAÉN).

Mares with good bloodlines were adquire, Marín García -OFICIAL XXIX- Miura – PANADERO VII, VIII and Escalera – TORERO XI, as well as some stallions with the same bloodlines, all of them with a strong bone structure, good shoulderss, strong hind legs, balanced hoves and of course, good temperament.

The farm is conditioned for the well-being of our horses. There are 20 stables, 2 farrowing stalls, horse walker, an indoor and an outdoor arena. In addition to several fields in 80 Hectares for mares and foals, where they can enjoy a privileged environment and has a correct diet always supervised by the best experts.

Foals are divided by their age in different big fields within the farm, enjoying complete but controlled freedom that allows them to develop a good temperament, puriness and kindness as well as they can develop all their physical qualities.


Breeding and Sale of Spanish Horses for Dressage. Knowing the origins of Yeguada Mendoza, the future of the stud is determined by he horses FUNCTIONALITY. Sport horses, not just beautiful. Horses for riding, trying to select those with the best aptitudes for DRESSAGE.

Our objective is to breed quality horses, based on the nobility and beauty that characterizes the Spanish Horses, as well as a correct morphology and functionality.